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Weed Control locations: Arden, Asheville, Biltmore Asheville, Black Mountain, Candler, Enka, Fairview, Fletcher, Hendersonville, Leicester, Skyland and Weaverville.

Professional weed control is crucial to the success of the native species in WNC because according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there are currently 74 invasive species in Western North Carolina. Asheville is especially vulnerable because there are a more variety of plants here, than an other place in NC.

Weeds don’t always mean smaller plants and grasses; weed control can refer to larger trees as well. For example, the Tree of Heaven is an extremely invasive species, and was brought to the United States in the late 1700’s from Chine, by a gardener in Philadelphia. This particular tree is considered a threat because of it’s rapid growth, and long taproot that can mature in under three months. Once it’s rooted, it can take over highways, agriculture fields, and your perfectly landscaped property.

To effectively eradicate weeds, it’s important to have a solid weed control plan. This plan normally takes an entire growing season to carry out, as well as some follow-up in the following season. Most plants start carrying nutrients to their roots in the Fall (Autumn) and this is a great time to spray your invasive (or non-desired) plants.

Weed Control Services Asheville
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We offer weed control services for a variety of property types, and employ a variety of techniques to give you the best possible weed control

  • Commercial; Corporate offices
  • Residential; Home-Owner Association (HOA) developments
  • Retail stores
  • Industrial properties
  • Shopping centers
  • Health care facilities
  • Manual weed control used sometimes
  • Some chemicals used to control certain weeds

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